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Providing Real Experts

Through a decade of serving IT, GIS and Business clients we at MGIS have learned that true leaders are not interested in band-aid solutions or to plug holes in the dam. While initially it might seem that all you need is to fill a chair more often than not, after meeting with our Real Experts, clients realize that what they should be seeking is a Real Solution that will strengthen their team and prepare them for the future. This forward thinking approach, designed by industry leading Real Experts, allows clients to meet or exceed current expectations and establish a foundation on which to build and advance.

To ensure that or Real Experts and Real Solutions Team meet your expectations MGIS certifies each of its consultants through a standardized process that verifies their education, experience, skills, training, professionalism and personality.

In addition, your feedback throughout and at the conclusion of your project will directly impact the resource’s level of certification, empowering you and meaning you will have motivated resources.



  • Certification – MGIS has standardized a process for evaluating and certifying a consultant’s level of experience. When building your Real Solutions Team our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Expert levels of certification make it easy to identify the right resources for your project and you can be confident that our team possesses the skills, experience and personalities tailored to your requirements and environment. Learn More
  • Deep Talent Pool – MGIS prides itself in being a resource-friendly Professional Services company. Through building strong relationships with our consultants not only do we have a large number of trusted, qualified resources with which to build your Real Solutions team but you can be certain that you will be provided a professional resource specifically suited to your project and environment. Learn More
  • Our Experience – MGIS has been instrumental in designing, developing, building and maintaining everything from simple, short-term projects to multi-year, multi-million dollar ventures for both private and public clients. It is important to know that your team has the proven experience and track record necessary to provide you with a Real Solution. Let us show you our project history and how we have already been able to overcome the challenges you face today. Learn More
  • Face to a Name – How many times have you heard “I’ve got just the person for that”, and when it comes time to get the project started that person is nowhere to be found? MGIS invites you to meet our experts, view their profile and review their experience before they even step into your office. Put a Face to the Name of our Real Experts! Learn More

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Consultant Focused

With MGIS, our recruiting strategy is about fostering a relationship with you by listening and understanding your career goals. We certify your experience, and offer you the opportunity to become one of our Real Experts. As a Real Expert we train you in our proven Real Solutions methodology and actively promote you to our clients and at mgisinc.ca. Learn More

Providing Real Solutions

MGIS understands the daunting task that you have in getting a project off the ground. With MGIS, we are not trying to sell you a product or provide you a consultant “off the bench”. Instead, we provide you with a Real Solution that satisfies your requirements, budget, schedule and manages risks. Learn More

Big Company Service

MGIS is dedicated to providing you with Real Experts who deliver Real Solutions within the budget, timelines and procurement options available to you. We will sit with you to listen, understand and analyze your project requirements to design, develop and build your Real Solutions Team with all of the resources necessary to get the job done. Learn More

Job Board

Search through our Job Postings to find your next challenge. Make sure you register and upload your CV. You can also apply directly to opportunities that you see on our Job Board. Registered users are invited to keep coming back in order to update their CV and profile. Learn More