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Consultant Focused

Consulting can be one of the most rewarding practices a professional can undertake, and it is often portrayed as lucrative, freedom from the shackles of full-time employment and exciting. It is true for some consultants but there are also those who live month-to-month, struggle with incorporating and taxes and have difficulty preparing for the possibility of time without work.

Fully aware of the above, what do Professional Services companies do to help consultants? For the most part, they do nothing.

MGIS understands that often consultants are passionate, motivated and extremely talented in their field, and that the running of the day-to-day operations of a business can easily fall to the wayside when involved in a challenging project. As such, MGIS has reached out to the business community and designed in-house options that can offer consultants key services and security to run their business (accounting, legal, financial, payment options, etc.).

With MGIS, our recruiting strategy is about fostering a relationship with you by listening and understanding your career goals. We certify your experience, and offer you the opportunity to become one of our Real Experts. As a Real Expert we train you in our proven Real Solutions methodology and actively promote you to our clients and at mgisinc.ca.


  • Support – MGIS knows that it is difficult to be working with a client during the day and moonlight as a CEO at night. With that in mind we have established connections with key business resources and provide a number of in-house options to relieve the stress of running your company, leaving you to focus on your passion and the reason you became a consultant in the first place. Learn More
  • Certification – Consultants are constantly being asked to prove their experience, meaning scrounging up references and rewriting your CV again! MGIS certifies each of its consultants based on industry standards and will act as a reference on your behalf to clients. Learn More
  • Relationship – A strong relationship between a consultant and its representative is essential to ensure that you are placed within a project matching your skillset, allowing you to work towards your career goals and with reasonable expectations from project management. MGIS takes the time to listen, understand and strategize with you on your career and make sure you are working towards your goals. Learn More
  • Representation – MGIS is proud to represent its certified consultants and is not afraid to defend our consultants against unreasonable expectations. We actively promote our Real Experts to our clients. Have a client but no vehicle to support them? MGIS will assist you in finding avenues for you to work with your current clients. We understand that you represent us every time you walk onto a client site, so you can expect the same professionalism and dedicated representation from us. Learn More

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Providing Real Experts

MGIS aims to provide REAL EXPERTS who can assess a client’s specific project needs, design a clear strategy based on an experienced methodology, build the right team for budget and timelines and engage and support clients in arriving at a REAL SOLUTION. Learn More

Providing Real Solutions

MGIS understands the daunting task that you have in getting a project off the ground. With MGIS, we are not trying to sell you a product or provide you a consultant “off the bench”. Instead, we provide you with a Real Solution that satisfies your requirements, budget, schedule and manages risks. Learn More

Big Company Service

MGIS is dedicated to providing you with Real Experts who deliver Real Solutions within the budget, timelines and procurement options available to you. We will sit with you to listen, understand and analyze your project requirements to design, develop and build your Real Solutions Team with all of the resources necessary to get the job done. Learn More

Job Board

Search through our Job Postings to find your next challenge. Make sure you register and upload your CV. You can also apply directly to opportunities that you see on our Job Board. Registered users are invited to keep coming back in order to update their CV and profile. Learn More