MGIS Projects

Cyber Authentication Renewal (CAR) Project

MGIS plays a part of GTEC 2013 Federal Distinction Awards Honouree – The HRSDC/SSC/TBS Cyber Authentication Renewal (CAR) Project.

The CAR project is HRSDC’s part of a Government of Canada (GC)-wide initiative to ensure ongoing secure access to online programs; the project is being co-led/co-managed by the Integrity Services Branch (ISB) and Innovation & Information Technology Branch (IITB) on behalf of the Department.

MGIS provided a team of .NET developers tasked with supporting the research, analysis, planning, development and implementation of technical and architectural solutions as part of the implementation of the CAR project. Specifically, MGIS was able to provide HRSDC with SAML experienced developers to assist in the design, coding, testing and implementation of the secure login system for My Service Canada.


PSIC Business Process Improvement

The Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada (PSIC) was established under the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act (PSDPA), which came into force on 15 April 2007. The PSDPA and PSIC exist to provide a means for federal public servants and members of the public to disclose potential wrongdoing in the federal public sector. The PSDPA also protects public servants who make a disclosure, or public servants who cooperate in an investigation, against reprisal. 

A need existed for a business process analyst to review the PSIC’s key business processes in order to identify areas where gains and cost savings could be realised, maximize value to users both internal and external, while simultaneously removing wasteful activities and practices.


NWT Spatial Data Warehouse

In support of the Land Use Information Framework the Government of Northwest Territory (GNWT) established funding to improve the decision support and information management practices of the government on matters related to land use and land management. The Government of Northwest Territory (GNWT) acquired the services of MGIS to develop a Spatial Data Warehouse (SDW) and Spatial Data and Information Management Portal (SDAIMP).


NWT Discovery Portal

 The NWT Discovery Portal is the most comprehensive online source for NWT environmental monitoring knowledge. As an information repository, the portal is a search and share tool that allows users to both access data and reports as well as contribute by uploading research and monitoring information.


  • Search - discover geospatial data, documents and metadata
  • Share - create metadata and upload data and documents
  • Link - go to other land use data sharing sites and applications

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