Cyber Authentication Renewal

MGIS plays a part of GTEC 2013 Federal Distinction Awards Honouree – The HRSDC/SSC/TBS Cyber Authentication Renewal (CAR) Project.

The Cyber Authentication Renewal (CAR) project has resulted in a fully-functional cyber authentication system that supports the reliable, secure and accessible online access to Human Resources & Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) programs by giving clients a choice between a Commercial Broker Service (CBS) and a Government of Canada-Branded Credential Service (GCBCS) for login. The CAR project is HRSDC’s part of a Government of Canada (GC)-wide initiative to ensure ongoing secure access to online programs; the project is being co-led/co-managed by the Integrity Services Branch (ISB) and Innovation & Information Technology Branch (IITB) on behalf of the Department. Phase 1 of the project ended in October 2010, and involved the replacement of Common Registration System (CRS) with AccessKey for My Service Canada Account (MSCA), and with CRS-lite for ROE. MGIS was involved in Phase 2, which consisted of the transition from AccessKey to the CBS and GCBCS services for both MSCA and Record of Employment(ROE).

MGIS provided a team of .NET developers tasked with supporting the research, analysis, planning, development and implementation of technical and architectural solutions as part of the implementation of the CAR project. Specifically, MGIS was able to provide HRSDC with SAML experienced developers to assist in the design, coding, testing and implementation of the secure login system for My Service Canada. The entire CAR project has proven to be one of the major success stories for the Government of Canada and was featured as an Honouree at this year’s GTEC 2013.






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