NWT Spatial Data Warehouse Project

In support of the Land Use Information Framework the Government of Northwest Territory (GNWT) established funding to improve the decision support and information management practices of the government on matters related to land use and land management. In addition to the policy and governance framework, the project includes the following 2 core components:


  • An upgraded Spatial Data Infrastructure to support a common enterprise Geodatabase containing the information holdings of the NWT Center for Geomatics and other departments that choose not to maintain their own infrastructure; the linking to program geodatabases, including the Forest Management Division Geodatabase, the NWT Geosciense Office Geodatabase, and the Municipal and Community Affairs Geodatabase. The upgraded spatial data infrastructure should provide a common, high performance, scalable architecture for the GNWT to develop geomatics information portals as well as web mapping and GIS applications to support individual lines of business and GNWT requirements (such as consultation planning)
  • A spatial data/information management portal allowing the GNWT to manage its own data and information management holdings in a secure manner to enable the internal exchange of information between program areas. This portal will serve as the launching point for GNWT staff to access information available through the GNWT spatial data infrastructure, and to access internal web based GIS applications and systems that may support specific lines of business or broad government initiatives. It will include resource information related to internal Geomatics services within the GNWT


The Government of Northwest Territory (GNWT) acquired the services of MGIS to develop a Spatial Data Warehouse (SDW) and Spatial Data and Information Management Portal (SDAIMP)




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