Small Company Advantage

Small Company Advantage

MGIS has been successfully delivering IT, GIS and Business solutions to private and public sector clients for over a decade. Throughout this period MGIS has worked side-by-side with many of the major professional services corporations, studied their approach and, based on internationally success models, developed our own with a focus on professionalism, attention to detail, industry leading best practices and providing Real Experts and Real Solutions to our clients.

So, if MGIS provides the same services, why choose us over “The Big Boys”?

What we can bring to your project that the major corporations cannot is the flexibility, focus, hands-on relationships and innovation that only a small business can provide. As a small company we know that to be successful we must nurture positive relationships with each of our clients. With MGIS you will have immediate access to our Director/Management Team, who will be engaged at every stage of the project to ensure that our Real Solutions Team meets your expectations.

MGIS will never try to sell you “our solution” because we do not have just one solution! As a small business partnering with industry leading Real Experts, we bring to the table innovation, cutting-edge technology and proven experience to design a Real Solution tailored specifically to your requirements, budget and timelines. We are not trying to meet quotas or to get someone off the bench. We take the time to listen and understand your requirements and challenges and from that understanding work with you to develop your Real Solution and assemble the Real Solution Team to get the job done.

The Small Business Advantages:

  • Clear, open dialogue and hands-on relationship with MGIS decision makers.
  • A single Account Manager dedicated to your project.
  • Flexible, innovative and Real Solutions provided by industry leading Real Experts.
  • Dedicated and focused Real Solutions Team handpicked for their experience and training, not merely because they need work.
  • Access to MGIS partnerships built on trust, mutual respect and proven capabilities.
  • Interacting with individuals passionate about their work and whose lively-hood is dependent on their reputation, client relationships and quality of product.


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Proven Methodology

With over a decade working with private companies, Government of Canada Departments and Major Crown Projects MGIS has cemented a methodology that allows us to provide you with a Real Solution from Initiation to Support or stepping in at any stage to pick up the pieces of a failing project. Learn More

Face to a Name

How many times have you heard “I’ve got just the person for that”, and when it comes time to get the project started that person is nowhere to be found? MGIS invites you to meet our experts, view their profile and review their experience before they even step into your office. Put a Face to the Name of our Real Experts! Learn More

Job Board

Search through our Job Postings to find your next challenge. Make sure you register and upload your CV. You can also apply directly to opportunities that you see on our Job Board. Registered users are invited to keep coming back in order to update their CV and profile. Learn More

Proactive Account Management

At MGIS you will have a dedicated, involved and professional Account Manager assigned to your project who will ensure that you receive the service that you expect from you Real Experts and Real Solutions Team. Their job is to keep an open, honest dialogue with you and your key team members to proactively manage resources and keep your project on budget and on schedule. Learn More