If you can dream it, we can
Design . Build . Test . Maintain

Looking for a mobile app, web solution, complex backend and database, or all three? We have the proven experience to deliver your product on time, on budget, and on scope.



You will often find that developers will ask for the moon as compensation, or they’re offering something that sounds too good to be true (because it is). Neither one is a good option for your company.

Our methodology and technology allows us to design, build, test, and deploy Mobile Applications for iOS and Android with a simple but beautiful look and feel, functionality, and all for a reasonable price. We won't  be the cheapest but we will not be the most expensive. What we will be is honest, realistic, accessible, and professional.



Sometimes having a website just isn’t enough. In an online world, having the ability to interact with your audience, customers, or fans is essential. The web offers incredible and imaginative functionalities to help you connect with those that are important to your success, by driving sales, promoting engagement, capturing user data, building community, and developing loyalty.

We know all that, so we stay up-to-date and improve on the ways that individuals and businesses can provide better service on the web. Whether you're looking for something unique, something to help you compete in a competitive niche, or the realization of a revolutionary idea to take to market, we can help you make that happen!



Having a functional, efficient, scalable, and secure backend is the engine that makes your system purr. Whether it’s on your own physical server or stored in the cloud, we can make sure that your data is always available, delivered quickly, logically organized, and more secure than Fort Knox.

Make sure that your Applications are not only beautiful to look at but that they have the brains to work for you and your audience. You can’t judge a book by its cover – the Backend is the content that makes all the difference between a throwaway and a classic.



A true application, no matter the platform, has to have all its parts working in perfect harmony to be truly effective. Having a Complete Solution that has every piece designed, built, tested, and deployed to synchronize perfectly with another is the best way to guarantee success.

Take an idea from concept to completion, and everything in between. Our team’s experience has been carefully cultivated to ensure that we can bring your Complete Solution to life. Mobile, Web, and Backend are all in our wheelhouse, and to have them all work together seamlessly is our passion. Your ideas and our team can make a powerful partnership!


We at MGIS are offering a pro-bono service for Canadian Non-Profit organizations looking to update, or improve, their current webpage's design. If you are, or know of, a non-profit, we would love to connect with you and get the ball rolling!


Let us help you build your dream!